First Year of the Shaolin Chi Mantis Lancaster Kwoon

Buddha Zhen BUILDS new ONLINE KWOON at ShaolinInteractive.com I will probably add to this later. It’s January 1, 2021. 2020 was a very weird year. Zombie virus. Impeached President. Epidemic by President. Pandemonium still… as I write this. They are arguing about how wrong it is to be giving out 1% or more of the …

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Daily Taoist 03

The Tao Unfolds for Buddha Zhen Buddha Zhen is Recording Practice Videos… “My Instagram Warmup” is what Buddha Zhen is still calling these episodes.. Editor: (He is unaware of his upcoming decision to read the entire book in this Instagram series promoting his book, TAO OF TAOISM and naming this series: DAILY TAOIST.) Buddha Z …

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Daily Taoist 01

Buddha Zhen explains his history and dedicates this AUDIOBOOK and Daily Taoist series to his disciple, Oscar Noel Barrera, who passed away in early 2020 before getting to read this book. Oscar had been a disciple for four years and Buddha Zhen regrets that he and Oscar never got to pursue this book together.

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