Daily Taoist 05

The Daily Taoist series starring Rchard Del Connor as Buddha Zhen or “Buddha Z” as he reads his entire book, TAO OF TAOISM – USING THE DAO TE CHING TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.

Tai Chi Youth Online School Crowdfund in Web3

August 16, 2022 Today I launched the FIRST Tai Chi Youth CROWDFUND in Web3 with payments in ETH. If you don’t know what ETH or Web3 are you can still go to https://www.taichiyouth.org/donate/index.html where we’ve been receiving donations the old-fashioned website way since 1999 using PayPal, credit cards and debit cards.   https://www.taichiyouth.org/donate/index.html Back to …

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I Kicked My Cancer

The year of 2021 was spent in surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I almost finished the 3rd semester videos. I am planning to launch the Tai Chi Youth nonprofit program videos to get my strength back.

First Year of the Shaolin Chi Mantis Lancaster Kwoon

Buddha Zhen BUILDS new ONLINE KWOON at ShaolinInteractive.com I will probably add to this later. It’s January 1, 2021. 2020 was a very weird year. Zombie virus. Impeached President. Epidemic by President. Pandemonium still… as I write this. They are arguing about how wrong it is to be giving out 1% or more of the …

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Daily Taoist 03

The Tao Unfolds for Buddha Zhen Buddha Zhen is Recording Practice Videos… “My Instagram Warmup” is what Buddha Zhen is still calling these episodes.. Editor: (He is unaware of his upcoming decision to read the entire book in this Instagram series promoting his book, TAO OF TAOISM and naming this series: DAILY TAOIST.) Buddha Z …

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