Created Voucher System

Almost Ready to Process Orders

The SCM ONLINE School is almost ready to open its doors.  Online credit card processing is our SHAOLIN COMMUNICATIONS account PayPal:

We (me) will process your order by sending you a VOUCHER CODE you use to register in your MEMBERSHIP AREA:  “Redeem Voucher Code” 

Then you can start the courses from the FREE class forward.  If you already took the FIRST FREE CLASS at your passing grade should still be there if you had it.  Let me know how easy it is to enroll and get started here.  This is all new to me also.  Give me some feedback so I can improve the school.  I’ll give you some feedback so you can improve your life.

Today I generated a VOUCHER CODE for myself.  I tried enrolling without it to make sure I needed it… then enrolled with it and it worked.  That was my FIRST voucher code for this website.  I’m a student of web design.  I enjoy being a student.  If you don’t enjoy being a student–this program will be very hard for you.  

Shaolin Chi Mantis creates ‘Spiritual Warriors’ but first they have to be ‘Scholar Warriors’ which is the second step after becoming a ‘Warrior Athlete.’  Most people think Shaolin Monks are just warrior athletes jumping around.  Unfortunately, the ones graduating the current Shaolin Temple in China are just a bunch of bouncers.

But Shaolin Monks are supposed to be more than bald thugs with good intentions.  Shaolin Monks are scholars.  They can study full-time their entire life.  It’s up the monk to make his life valuable.  Buddha doesn’t bless people.  He’s not a God and I’m really curious what he’s doing if he stopped himself from reincarnating.

Karma is just common sense.  Earn some Karma by being a nice person.  That’s just common sense.  But Shaolin Monks are extraordinary and supernatural SO Shaolin karma should be supernatural k arma… just try harder to be nice.

I’m excited to get this ONLINE SCHOOL up and running…  getting closer… 

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