Shaolin Chi Mantis is a traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu system as taught in the San Francisco Jing Mo school of Grandmaster Wong Jack Man in a belt rank system invented by a counterculture hippie who seeks to end all wars and lesson all violence in the world.  Richard Del Connor “Buddha Zhen” is also the founder of Buddha Kung Fu and Tai Chi Youth martial art systems.  His basic belief is that if you are healthier in body — you are healthier in mind.  So if you nourish the mind with wisdom and philosophy while training the body to be a warrior — you can create a better person — a Shaolin Zen Buddhist.

Learn the most deadly martial art created by the founder of Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma, and developed by Buddhist Monks as it is taught in all of our Shaolin Chi Mantis schools without any sparring except Tai Chi Push Hands Tournaments.  Tai Chi Push Hands teaches many self-defense skills and the “Sticky Hands” which Bruce Lee raved about. 

Graduating the SCM BEGINNER LEVEL PROGRAM is equal to a Karate Black Belt.  There are FOUR LEVELS in the SCM Beginner Program.  Although students have one year to complete each belt rank level, it is possible to complete all four semesters in two years.  How far can you go in this BEGINNER PROGRAM?  The SCM INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM includes swords and spears which Bruce Lee never learned.

Make sure you can at least have the strength and flexibility of the FIRST SCM Belt Rank Level.  In this first level students learn the entire Yang Tai Chi Chuan Short Form of Shaolin Chi Mantis.  In order to graduate this SCM Beginner Level we must master most of the kicks of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu:

  • Single Front Kick
  • Double Front Kick
  • Back Kick
  • Front Round House
  • Back Round House
  • Front 180 Footsweep
  • Front 360 Footsweep
  • Back 180 Footsweep
  • Back 360 Footsweep
  • Double Jumping Front Kick
  • Shin Kick
  • Tornado Kick
  • Inside Crescent Kick
  • Outside Crescent Kick
  • Side Kicks

Shaolin Chi Mantis was created for intellectuals, artists, painters, writers, poets, creative thinkers, scientists and musicians who seek a challenging and fulfilling martial art lifestyle of Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kung Fu for physical fitness, self-confidence, self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment without injury to hands and knees.

Self-defense is a lifestyle of self-awareness.  If you want to learn how to break a finger or poke someone’s eyes out we recommend you join a Karate school for a few months.

Because of the “No Sparring Rule” being a foundation of Shaolin Chi Mantis since 1992: female students have been compelled and honored to obtain the highest belt ranks in Shaolin Chi Mantis as of 2021.  Although some of our students did attend other martial art schools where they suffered shoulder dislocations and broken fingers… there has never been a bone break or bone dislocation in our SCM classes.

Despite what the Karate and MMA schools say about our “No Sparring Rule,” many students have reported back to us that they defeated attackers, rapists and knife attacks in parking garages.

Shaolin Chi Mantis is a lifelong program of health and happiness without being punched or kicked in any of our classes.

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