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We just launched this website this week. is GIVING AWAY FREE the first 5 videos of this Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner Program. We may add some more freebies.

This site has been planned for many years and now that we’ve got videos, we can provide this public service. Even if people never sign up for our ONLINE KWOON classes–or purchase any of our books or chothing–we are glad to have INTRODUCED America to some Shaolin Kung Fu.

Shaolin Kung Fu = Buddhist Kung Fu

Some Shaolin Kung Fu schools are very violent and look just like Karate school classes. They have sparring and boxing and wear padding and boxing gloves and put things in their mouth so they don’t bite their tongue or get their teeth knocked out as easily while they wear big foam padded headgear to look like football players. There is some variety in Shaolin Kung Fu in American SO: this is the system of Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang. He takes full credit for the curriculum. He gives full credit to all his Kung Fu masters for their knowledge he passes on. Buddha Zhen created only the curriculum and a few exercises. This Shaolin Kung Fu is 99% pure. That’s a joke, but maybe it’s true.

Shaolin Kung Fu INCLUDES Yoga

This is not the original Yoga stretching routine of Shaolin Chi Mantis. The SCM Standing Yoga in these videos was developed by Buddha Zhen BASED UPON the actual ground Yoga he learned mostly from Dr. Kam Yuen at the Tai Mantis school in Torrance.

Southern Style = Sil Lum Kung Fu

Prior to Tai Mantis, Buddha Zhen reached the Intermediate Level at Grandmaster Douglas Wong’s White Lotus Sil Lum Gung Fu school in Panorama City. Some of the exercises of this White Lotus System are still taught in our Shaolin Chi Mantis curriculum. Thank you Sifu.

Northern Style = Tai Mantis Federation

Since graduating Tai Mantis in 1984 Richard picked up a few Yoga tips from various masters and added the “T-Stretch” to the curriculum with thanks to Shifu Dou Wan Chun, another Shaolin Master.

International Approval of Shaolin Chi Mantis

The Shaolin Kung Fu forms have been videotaped and approved by Shaolin masters worldwide during the 1990s. Several criticisms were honored to garner 100% approvals from both Tai Chi Chuan masters and Shaolin Kung Fu masters. Thanks to several school brothers also from Tai Mantis who reviewed the tapes and provided valuable criticism: Shifu Manuel Marquez and Shifu Steve Baugh.

FREE Kung Fu has FREE Shaolin Kung Fu.

Buddha Zhen teaches five classes at NoHo Park in 2018. These are the first five classes of the Shaolin Chi Mantis BEGINNER PROGRAM.

These five classes must be taken in the order intended. In order to accomplish this we are using the LifterLMS software.

ONLINE KWOON = Online School

The software used to build the website at is the same software used on the Official Shaolin Chi Mantis school website at

Buddha Zhen is The Singing Webmaster

Shaolin Communications is a one-man operation of Richard Del Connor. When he teaches Shaolin Kung Fu he uses his Chinese Buddhist name he earned as a Kung Fu Master, Zhen Shen-Lang “Spirit Wolf of Truth.”

Currently, June 2020, blog posting at:

When Buddha Z is building websites he becomes me– the guy typing this text right now: Rich Connor “Singing Webmaster of Shaolin Digital.”

So SHAOLIN DIGITAL is a subsidiary of SHAOLIN COMMUNICATIONS. Begin a one-man operation I’ve simplified my life to ten businesses, a nonprofit, and several identities. One of those ten businesses is Shaolin Digital. Shaolin Digital was original the digital graphics used in the dozens of websites of Shaolin Communications. I also got Photoshop back in 1999 so I became a digital artist also.

Now Shaolin Digital is all the digital graphics, but mostly website building. Ugh.

That’s why I became the “Singing Webmaster.” I’m trying to enjoy this job.

I made myself a cool website to commemorate my enslavement:

I’ll go check it out also when I’m done with this blog. I’m trying to make my websites and webpages more enjoyable.

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