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WEAPONS of Shaolin Chi Mantis

Baqua Throwing Star

Probably too illegal to ship or sell to students anymore.  During the 1990s my students and I would have parties on the weekends with throwing knives competitions.  I have a huge collection of surgical steel throwing stars and custom built knives…

Kung Fu is fun!


White Waxwood 3-Sectional Staff

This is one of my favorite weapons.  Of course I enjoy all of them for different reasons.  This is the most difficult of all the Shaolin weapons.  Very user-unfriendly.  As a young student of Tai Mantis I saw people break their own noses with this weapon.  I said to myself, ‘I’m not gonna learn the 3-sectional staff.’

During the 1990s, in the world before 911, I carried this or another 3-sectional of mine everywhere I went.  Every year I would carry ONE WEAPON everywhere possible.  Only by using a weapon in hallways, rooms, under trees and in the dark… do you get a full understanding and mastery of your weapon.

That’s probably why this is a favorite–It’s a fun challenge and FEELS REALLY COOL when you get those sticks spinning.  The danger to the user creates another level of excitement?  

This weapon is ADVANCED LEVEL.

Aluminum Double Tiger Hook Swords

The Double Tiger Hook Swords are considered a ‘feminine weapon.’  In Kung Fu tournaments you will see more females competing with these than men.  That is because these are the opposite of the Double Sabers which require great strength and aggression.

The Double Tiger Hook Swords utilize the “Reverse-Figure-8” moves in upward slices.  The Double sabers are primarily downward cutting movements.


Lightweight 9-Section Whip Chain

I prefer my Heavyweight 9-Section Whip Chain for its power and usefulness.  I can punch holes through walls and doors… But when it even glances my calf muscle–not enough to hurt… I get an ugly bruise.

So the Lightweight 9-Section Whip Chain is more fun to play around with.  The traditional clatter of the loose chain links got annoying so I removed them to discover a greater danger of not knowing where the DART at the end of my chain was.

So I learned to appreciate the FLAGS I attach to the end of my whip chains for the noise they create and awareness they provide–even in the dark.


Horse Leg Cutter

This is smaller than the Guan Dao weapon.  It was designed to be held close to the body for better leverage against the horse’s legs running by you.

I was given a ‘form’ (traditional martial arts dance) for this weapon from Shaolin Instructor I helped out in Utah when he stayed there for a year.  This “Horse Leg Cutter Form” (“Pudao” in Chinese) is an ancient form about 1,000 years old.  This weapon is given to frontline soldiers in a ‘Forward Stance.’


Double Halberd Dragon Spear

This Double Halberd Dragon Spear was a gift from the prop master of Universal Studios.  He gave it to me with a rattan staff which I could not tolerate, especially with such a heavy blade on it.

I replaced the rattan staff with the white waxwood staff and have since enjoyed countless hours spinning it around and trimming bushes.

The horse hair tassels soak up the blood so the spear doesn’t get slippery or sticky…


Steel Killing Fan

In the ADVANCED LEVEL of Shaolin Chi Mantis we teach Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu.  The “Killing Fan Form” is a popular tradition in our Tai Mantis schools.  I’ve learned some tricks from Chinese people…

Of course, if you were an assassin or protecting yourself–you wouldn’t be carring this clunky thing if even it does fit in your pocket.  But it is good for practicing and strinking stuff.  I’ve broken all my wooden fans playing with them.

We teach the “Killing Fan Form” when you start learning Praying Mantis Kung Fu in the Advanced Level of Shaolin Chi Mantis.

This is an ADVANCED LEVEL weapon.

Staff & Flail

This is a very deadly weapon.  My students and I have broken shields and… with this weapon.  A lot of force is generated by a staff strike, but the flail adds a little bit more speed to any strike.  

I’ve broken and shattered all my flails because the wood cannot withstand the force of its own strikes.  The Staff & Flail in the picture is cracked and glued.

We decided it is impossible to sword play with this weapon because it is too hard to withdraw strikes or deliver gentle blows with it.  This would be excellent for crowd control with the staff for power and that little flail for precisely delivered headaches.

This is an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL weapon.

Long Handled Sword

The “Long-Handled Knife” is sometimes used by children or girls as a Guan Dao.  This Long-Handled Sword could be used to learn Guan Dao, but the Guan Dao is a unique knife with unique qualities and heavier imbalance…

This is actually a “9-RINGED SWORD” mounted on a stick.  I like the 9-Ring Sword because I’ve learned to appreciate the chain link rattles and the girth of the sword making it a tree chopper.  This is also the design of the “Executioner Sword” which needs to sever a neck in one strike.

This is an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL weapon.

Child's Double Edge Sword

This is just a very small Double-Edge Chinese Sword.  Women who learned sword would want a bigger one than this, or a dagger.  But it is good for children to learn straight sword.  But, since the straight sword is an Advanced Level weapon… it’s not practical for children unless they are performing.

The Child’s Double Edge Sword picture was owned by my daughter, Zhen Ming-Mou.  When you see the pictures of the actual blade–you will be impressed by my evasion.

This is an ADVANCED LEVEL weapon.

7-Dragon Well Spring Steel Double Edge Sword with Mahogany Scabbard

7-Dragon Well swords are manufactured around a group of lakes referred to as “The 7 Dragon Wells” of China.  There are numerous foundries located here who base their reputation partly upon forging their steel products here.

It would appear that the steel has a higher carbon content making it flexible when tempered.  This spring steel is horribly used by Wushu stylists who use “FOIL” swords because their Wushu metal is so thin.  The rattling sound and thunderous snaps give these carnival swords an effect–but they are toys.  My students are not allowed to use them or bring Foil Swords into our schools.

This is an ADVANCED LEVEL weapon.

7-Dragon Well Spring Steel Double Sabers

I first have students start with chromed steel swords.  I find them the heaviest swords I can obtain for them.  After mastering the heavier swords I encourage my students to purchase the lighter and thinner bladed 7-Dragon Well Swords.

The spring steel rusts easily.  A fingerprint today is a rusty fingerprint tomorrow.  This inspires better sword keeping practices and also inspires you to NOT LET anyone touch your swords.  

During the early years of this century before 911 made shipping weapons too difficult: I was famous for building these sword rigs for tournament competitors.  I sold them on the internet to performers across the United States.  I also supplied Cirque Du Soleil in Canada with their Chinese weapons and staffs and spears.

This is an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL weapon.

The ultimate self-defense is self-awareness.
Shaolin Chi Mantis motto.

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