SCM Terms & Conditions

General Information and Expectations

Shaolin Chi Mantis is a DISCIPLE PROGRAM not intended for everyone in the general public.  Shaolin Kung Fu is a warrior discipline so those who enjoy sports and outdoors activities enjoy it the most easily.  This program develops self-discipline because it requires it.

Your goal as a Shaolin Chi Mantis Disciple is to LEARN the lessons, UNDERSTAND the lessons, and TEACH the lessons.  All of our martial arts systems are designed to create teachers.

I was leading classes from 1982 to 1992 before I decided to be a “teacher.”  So I can understand the lack of commitment inherent in all Americans.  That is why I have changed the rule in 2019 that students could enroll in the ENTIRE SCM Beginner Program without pledging devotion as a Disciple.  When I have completed the Buddha Kung Fu and Tai Chi Youth ONLINE schools this opportunity may be discontinued.

Although you may be ‘sampling’ our school you are required to follow our “SCM Terms & Conditions” (“RULES”) while attending our classes.  This means you CANNOT participate in classes of another martial art or fitness program.  Shaolin Chi Mantis is a complete OLYMPIC ATHLETE type of curriculum expecting the student to EAT properly, SLEEP properly, WALK properly, and TALK properly.  If you are already feeling defensive, you are probably not enough of a ‘warrior’ to participate in these warrior classes.  Consider this the equivalent of a military boot camp in your resolve.  Focus on this program and integrate the lessons into your daily life.  This is Shaolin Kung Fu.  (You don’t know what this is–I understand.)

Follow the links below to understand more about Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu & Taijiquan.

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Basic Class Rules

BOOK:  Tai Chi Beginner contains your “Uniform Code” and other “School Rules.”  There are more rules in the subsequent BOOK: Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner.  As a California hippie of the sixties I am amused by the need and benefit for all these rules….

The 4 NOBLE TRUTHS books by founder Richard Del Connor are required reading with other books pertinent to the lessons, such as the novel, MASONIC KUNG FU by Richard Del Connor, when learning the associated Kung Fu form, “Ling Po” (“Lian Bu”).

Although we perform demonstrations and promote the beauty and artistry of our warrior fighting dances–Shaolin Kung Fu is not a commercial product as much as it is a lifestyle template with the weapons and fighting techniques becoming amusing exercises and a different way to interact with your environment and other persons.  Buddhism will make you compassionate with others and nicer to yourself.  Taoism will open your childish curiosity and fascination for Nature and reality.  Confucianism will make you a better person, a better mother, a better father, a better businessman, a better politician, and more organized to create Heaven on Earth.

Our Shaolin Goals

8 Goals of Shaolin Chi Mantis

To teach each student to:

  1. BALANCE their body
    • health
    • coordination
    • intellectual pursuits
  2. BALANCE their mind
    • emotions
    • creativity
    • intellectual pursuits
  3. BALANCE their life
    • contentment
    • individuality
    • ambitions
  4. EXPAND their abilities
    • increased physical potential
    • increased mental potential
    • increased expectations
  5. EXPAND awareness
    • new abilities create new perspectives
    • better self-understanding
    •  understand others better
  6. BENEFIT society
    • decide individual path within society
    • be self-sufficient
    • help others
  7. REDUCE the violence in the world
    • be at peace with self and personal history
    • spread contentment and confidence to others
    • discourage violence in others
  8. live a GOOD LIFE
    • constantly strive to improve all aspects of self
    • enjoy and appreciate living and all other forms of life
    • make the lives of others as good as possible
SHAOLIN CHI MANTIS Traditional Buddhist Gongfu & Taijiquan

Our student motto:
Truth, wisdom, and courage.™

Our school slogan:
The ultimate self-defense is self-aw

Practice 3-days per week and enjoy learning.
Proper eating and sleeping is required.
Three balanced meals plus up to three snacks each day.
8-hours sleep will be necessary.
No other exercise routines can be practiced during program.
No exercise machines can be used during program.
No special diets or weight-loss programs can be used during program.
We will make you the best athlete your body is capable of.
Other exercise routines have been proven to hamper or injure you.
This Shaolin Chi Mantis Beginner Program surpasses Karate Black Belt programs in both mental and physical difficulty.
You will be the equivalent of most Black Belts at the end of this SCM Beginner Program.

ABSOLUTELY no sparring of any kind with anyone unless instructed to by Shaolin Chi Mantis instructor.

Study all required bookwork and website pages.

Purchase pair of approved tennis shoes before 1st class of 2nd and 3rd semesters.

Establish reputation of Shaolin Chi Mantis as:
     benevolent, friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic about life;
     incredible highest level of Chinese Kung Fu compared to any style;
     authentic representation of original Shaolin Temple Kung Fu;
     a very organized and comprehensive curriculum beyond any prior or existing school;
     a treasure of Chinese traditions organized by founder, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang;
     a martial arts system never to be improved–only mastered.

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