Buddha Zhen

Daily Taoist 01

Buddha Zhen explains his history and dedicates this AUDIOBOOK and Daily Taoist series to his disciple, Oscar Noel Barrera, who passed away in early 2020 before getting to read this book. Oscar had been a disciple for four years and Buddha Zhen regrets that he and Oscar never got to pursue this book together.

What is Kung Fu ‘Sticky Hands’

Sticky Hands has a little bit of Chin Na “Grabbing & Seizing” in it. Mostly it is maneuvering for a strike or a position to apply Chin Na such as a joint lock. You can block a punch and worry about the next one. Or you can block a punch and stay in contact with …

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Is Buddha a God?

Buddha #1 was born Siddhartha Gautama in India about 2,500 years ago. There are lots of wild stories about his birth. People need reassurance. People need something special. People are 60% to 80% simple minded ordinary working people. They are not scientists. They are not philosophers. They are not theologians. They are not researchers. They …

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