First Year of the Shaolin Chi Mantis Lancaster Kwoon

Buddha Zhen BUILDS new ONLINE KWOON at

I will probably add to this later.

It’s January 1, 2021.

2020 was a very weird year. Zombie virus. Impeached President. Epidemic by President. Pandemonium still… as I write this. They are arguing about how wrong it is to be giving out 1% or more of the $2,000 checks to people who make more than $200,000.

Republicans say that to do so is supporting the rich. It’s comical watching these professional liars do what works better when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Buddha Zhen LIVES in Lancaster Kwoon

As for the Lancaster school: It has been a dream come true. I can walk out here any time of day or night and start swinging swords and spears around.

I have been continuing the video courses that were being filmed by Oscar Barrera at North Hollywood Park. We had shot 40 videos and I’m at about 150 videos now. Section 43-Lesson 3 was yesterday. The LUOHAN 1 form has been completely learned. Students are now preparing for their belt tests over the next two weeks before the next semester begins to learn Lian Bu / Ling Po or “Masonic Kung Fu” form.

Shaolin Records Releases FIRST Audiobook: Masonic Kung Fu

It came out great! One of the big walk-in closets is the new Shaolin Records Audiobook Production Studio.

Get a copy of the AUDIOBOOK:

<<< LINK >>>>

So I am thankful for having this location in Lancaster. I’m glad I was able to scrape together the STORAGE UNIT fees over the years. Otherwise, I’d be in an empty house.

SCM Beginner Program to be Completed by December 2021 with 350 Videos

I will have the Shaolin Kung Fu BEGINNER PROGRAM videos completed by the end of 2021 with the accompanying website operational in serving students well and properly here at

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