Daily Taoist 04

Daily Taoist #4

How to Be a Buddha

Buddha Zhen explains the Original Buddhism of Shayamuni Buddha. He explains how Buddhism migrated to Tibet and China.

Birth of Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhist Monks did Shaolin Kung Fu for 1,000 years from 600 A.D. to 1,600 A.D. No one outside the Shaolin Temple was taught Shaolin Kung Fu. Bodhidharma arrived at the Shaolin Temple about 600 A.D. to create Zen Buddhism and start Shaolin Kung Fu.

What Does It Take to Be a Buddha?

Buddha Zhen explains that Buddhism was created 2,500 years ago by Siddharth Gautama (the First Buddha) to create Buddhas. The requirement to be a Buddha is learn, master and practice the “4 Noble Truths of Buddhism.” When any person can implement the “4 Noble Truths” into their life, they are a Buddha.

New Shaolin Records Studio

Buddha Z explains his bedroom recording studio is set up for a professional audiobook recording of his book, Tao of Taoism – Using the Dao Te Ching to Improve Your Life.

Buddha Z is Buddha Zhen is Zhen Shen-Lang is Spirit Wolf of Truth is Richard Del Connor. Buddha Z specifies what “Original Buddhism” is–and how other types of Buddhism developed in other countries like Tibet and Japan. “Bigger Wheel Buddhism… The book has the information… but if you keep trying to hammer people into the shape of that book–then your’re using religion to contain people instead of free them.”

“Everybody is a Buddha who gets it.”

“What is the formula to create a Buddha? That’s all it is. The secret to be a Buddha is to know what the 4 NOBLE TRUTHS are, and then live a life accordingly, and you’re a Buddha. That’s it,” he shrugs. “Bodhidharma seems like me… I don’t know if he was a musician… he created Zen Buddhism. Zen Buddhism came from the Shaolin Temple… He was also a martial artist so he created Shaolin Kung Fu… From 600 AD to 1600 AD everyone who did Shaolin Kung Fu was a Shaolin Buddhist. That’s it. They were Zen Buddhas. They were all these Zen Buddhists doing Shaolin Kung Fu for a thousand years.”

“Then the public said, “We like those dances but we don’t want the Buddhism. So they stripped off the Buddhism…” “They stripped off the Qigong. They stripped off the advanced spirituality of this training. And they said, “Just show me how to hurt someone.”” Buddha Z sadly sighs and concludes, “That’s what Shaolin Kung Fu became.”

“So that’s why I’m glad to revive it,” Buddha Zhen bounces back with a smile. “It’s a way of life–not a way to hurt people.” “That’s not what people want to hear,” BZ adds. He goes on to compare modern civilization to the blood thirtsty Roman age of Nero.

Buddha Zhen enjoys sharing his stories but says he wants to, “…get all of this out of my system so when I record the audiobook I won’t jabber so much.”

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