Daily Taoist 03

Daily Taoist #3

The Tao Unfolds for Buddha Zhen

Buddha Zhen is Recording Practice Videos…

“My Instagram Warmup” is what Buddha Zhen is still calling these episodes..

Editor: (He is unaware of his upcoming decision to read the entire book in this Instagram series promoting his book, TAO OF TAOISM and naming this series: DAILY TAOIST.)

Buddha Z explains his traditional Shaolin Chi Mantis curriculum he is recording in videos for his online school at http://www. ShaolinInteractive.com

Buddha Zhen READS his book:
Tao of Taoism — Using the Dao Te Ching to Improve Your Life

Buddha Zhen reads the “Copyright Page” of Tao of Taoism. He explains how he was a concert photographer in the 1980s known as The Coyote. Richard Del Connor used the byline ‘Rocktography by The Coyote’ on his published photos in Los Angeles newspapers and music magazines. The website www.ShaolinFilm.com will someday be the online portfolios of Richard Del Connor 35mm photography from 1964 to 1999.

Catholic to Biologist to Pipe Carrier to Buddhist Scientist

“Buddhist Scientist” and “American Philosopher” are job titles of Buddha Zhen who tests the results of “…inserting Buddhism and Taoism into peoples’ lives.” Buddha Z home-schooled his daughter several years and after his marriage ended he became a Confucianist to learn the solutions to all his marital mistakes. This resulted in him writing a 4-year course which he coordinated with the Tai Chi Youth curriculums. The first of these four books is available from the Shaolin Communications websites.

Strategy Book by a Homeless Person?

He also mentions his _ _ _ Strategy Notebook for big business. This is a very confidential and proprietary notebook that will not be converted into a PDF, probably never. Buddha Zhen explains he will only sell a copy of the book if they buy his consultation services with it. He explains that this book will establish his reputation as a strategist and he doesn’t want someone to diminish his reputation by not using it properly. He said his current starting point is $50,000 per book. [Travel expenses not included in price.]

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