Daily Taoist 02

Daily Taoist #2

Daily Taoist #2 = “Raves for Tao of Taoism”

Buddha Zhen Thinks He is Still Rehearsing for Audiobook: Tao of Taoism

Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang “Spirit Wolf of Truth” continues with Episode #2 of the DAILY TAOIST series he is recording for his Buddha Z Instagram/IGTV channel. Although Buddha Z thinks he is just rehearsing this book reading for his upcoming professional audiobook recording of his book TAO OF TAOISM — Using the Dao Te Ching to Improve Your Life, he continues rehearsing for a total of 69 videos that include every page of the book over the next weeks.

Daily Daoist Series Shot in Vertical Format for Instagram

These videos are all shot at 4K 24 fps (VERTICAL FORMAT) on his new iPhone 11 Pro Max with Filmic Pro as the camera app.. The purple Chinese silk tapestry on his wall was a gift from his Shaolin Chi Mantis students in Salt Lake City, Utah when he taught there in the 1990s. It was used for many graduation ceremonies.

“Also by Buddha Zhen” Booklist is Read by Buddha Zhen

Buddha Z Reads Page 2 of TAO OF TAOISM. “Raves for Tao of Taoism” This is the “Raves for Tao of Taoism” book by Buddha Zhen. Although this is a blank page, Richard mentions that Dr Carl Totten gave Richard some raves and comments about this book inspiring him with ideas. Dr Carl Totten is also a Taoist teacher in North Hollywood, California. Buddha Z Reads Page 3 of TAO OF TAOISM: “Also by Buddha Zhen” Buddha Zhen reads his list of published books on: Shaolin Kung Fu, Zen Buddhism, Confucianism, Freemasonry, and Shaolin Kung Fu Weapons. He breaks them down individually with information of how and why they were written.

New Website for FREE Kung Fu: www.ShaolinKungFuBeginner.com

Buddha Z announces his new website “launching this Wednesday.” (March 2020). Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner WEBSITE: http://www.ShaolinKungFuBeginner.com This website was created to provide FREE Kung Fu for people who would never get a chance to participate in a Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu class. Budddha Z explains how these five free Kung Fu classes will also interest people into joining “the real school” at Shaolin Interactive WEBSITE: http://www.ShaolinInteractive.com

Buddha Z explains his Shaolin Kung Fu school requires a Buddhist head shaving ceremony to continue in his Shaolin Chi Mantis INTERMEDIATE program. Buddha Z laughs and says he “wants to scare people away” with the head shaving ceremony. He explains, he has two other schools that students can join without becoming Zen Buddhists.

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