Daily Taoist 01

Daily Taoist #1

First Video of DAILY TAOIST Series by Buddha Zhen

Inspired by Death of Daoist Disciple 2020

Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang “Spirit Wolf of Truth” begins this 69-video project, “Daily Taoist.” This is the first video as Buddha Zhen (Richard Del Connor) starts reading his book, Tao of Taoism — Using the Dao Te Ching to Improve Your Life. Although he’s set up the recording studio to begin recording the audiobook for Tao of Taoism, he has so much fun that he continues reading the book in 69 sessions to begin the “Daily Taoist” series by Buddha Zhen.

Buddha Zhen explains his history and dedicates this AUDIOBOOK and Daily Taoist series to his disciple, Oscar Noel Barrera, who passed away in early 2020 before getting to read this book. Oscar had been a disciple for four years and Buddha Zhen regrets that he and Oscar never got to pursue this book together.

Buddha Zhen Dives Into the Unknown – Excitedly

So don’t miss this opportunity! Buddha Zhen will not only read the book, Tao of Taoism, he will also add information from his own life to explain and illuminate the concepts of Taoism and Taoist daily life.

Tao of Taoism Was Written for Self-Improvement of His Kung Fu Students

This book was written for his Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kung Fu students in 1992 but is beneficial to anyone wanting to improve their life and improve themselves.

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