What is Kung Fu ‘Sticky Hands’

Sticky Hands has a little bit of Chin Na “Grabbing & Seizing” in it. Mostly it is maneuvering for a strike or a position to apply Chin Na such as a joint lock.

You can block a punch and worry about the next one.

Or you can block a punch and stay in contact with the person’s arm connected to the punch. As he retracts–you move in. As he punches you can start redirecting it from the very beginning of the punch–so less effort is required as you gently, but very quickly or adeptly, follow your opponent’s movements until you find an opening or opportunity to utilize.

FIRST, you learn to punch and kick.

SECOND, you learn to block and grab.

THIRD, you learn to redirect and apply less effort.

FOURTH, you learn strategies of combined movements to achieve certain results.

FIFTH, you learn about human nature and your own identity so you can communicate and avoid ever having to act like wild animals in a feeding frenzy. Communication is the highest level of Shaolin Kung Fu.

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