What is Chin Na?

“Chin Na” is Chinese for “Grabbing & Seizing.”

Almost everything that is NOT a punch or a kick is probably Chin Na. Qin Na is the correct way to spell it Mandarin Chinese style. It’s pronounced the same either way.

I teach about 100 Chin Na movies. I look forward to counting them soon. I have a huge blue “Qin Na Notebook.”

Each of the Qin Na moves in Shaolin Chi Mantis is assigned to certain movements of various Kung Fu forms and the Yang Tai Chi Chuan Short Form we teach. So if you learn the forms–you learn the Chin Na. (I keep writing it in the Mandarin because I studied Mandarin Chinese during the 1990s. But I’ve spent the 80s and this century using mostly the Cantonese dialect. I was writing “Gongfu” instead of “Kung Fu” for a dozen years.

In my notebook or catalog of Chin Na, I have broken Chin Na up into various sections. Hold on. I’ll go get my notebook.

Shaolin Chi Mantis Divisions of Chin Na

  • Finger / Hands
  • Wrist
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder
  • Waist
  • Leg / Feet
  • Cavity Press
  • Escapes

Each of the above categories has the Qin Na moves that are linked to our various Kung Fu forms.

“Cavity Press” is the “Death Touch” and what I teach as “Reverse Acupuncture.” It’s using acupuncture knowledge to harm the opponent.

Short Breakdown of Chin Na Categories

FINGER: Bending someone’s finger…

WRIST: It bends farther in a downward motion than an upward motion.

ELBOW: It only takes 35 lbs. of force to break an elbow?

SHOULDER: Usually involving arms pulled back.

WAIST: There are soft spots and escaping a Bear Hug.

LEG: Usually involving the knees.

FEET: Stomping on someone’s foot = Chin Na? In our school it’s categorized accordingly because we are disabling the foot.

CAVITY PRESS: There are some nerve strikes that are easy and affective.

ESCAPES: Every Chin Na move above has an ESCAPE also.

Shaolin Kung Fu developed over 1,000 years from both experimentation and assimilation of other martial art styles. If there’s a move missing in my school… it was probably somewhere in my Kung Fu history.

So Qin Na is Chin Na is Grabbing & Seizing. Any joint locks are pain you apply besides a punch and a kick is Chin Na–in Shaolin Chi Mantis.

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