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Online School To Launch Next Week

Finally! This website has been under several designs since 2007 when a page was created for each of 66 Tai Chi Chuan class videos and another 77 pages for Shaolin Kung Fu videos to teach this same Shaolin Chi Mantis BEGINNER PROGRAM being offered now.

Those pages are gone as we create an LMS Learning Management System using the LifterLMS software in conjuction with our specialty plugins including ASTRA PRO by Brainforce. These two pieces of software combine to create the school and its aesthetics.

Buddha Zhen Salutes Student
Buddha Z welcomes potential students to FREE Kung Fu class.

Buddha’s Birthday is APRIL 8. Not sure what year he was born. I have released a book or album on his birthday in previous years. This year, 2020, it appears the school will launch.

In March 2020, Shaolin Chi Mantis launched the free Kung Fu website:

The first of the five videos of the actual Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE KWOON were already at: is a promotional website for Shaolin Chi Mantis that will always provide some FREE Kung Fu classes for people to sample or enjoy or test their physical fitness.

How did you do? Was the workout easy or hard for you?

Buddha Zhen is over 60 years old…

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