Blog = Website Updates

Webmaster Creating Routines

I’m still a one-man operation, so Rich Connor the Singing Webmaster is designing these websites for Shaolin Communications with reduced maintenance… hopefully.

BLOGS are fun but very difficult to schedule or make time for on a regular rhythm. I’ve got several projects going so I’m strategizing my time, or strategizing anyway.

Blog updates are a new thing I’ve just developed a strategy for, to make it easier to get to, more of a routine, and create a consistent marketing regimen. As a webmaster I have lots of chores. My BLOG STRATEGY is… (hee-hee. You’ll see.)

My Blogs to Update and Release on Schedules

Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE Kwoon = BLOG: website updates

Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner FREE KUNG FU website = BLOG: promotional updates of adding new FREE classes and promotional videos

Official Buddha Z website = MAIN PAGE BLOG: my only one on a homepage? ABOUT: 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism Explained by Buddha Z (series of 8 books teaching the 4 Noble Truths of the Original Buddha)

Coyote Radio TV
www.CoyoteRadio.TV = BLOG: new songs and videos added

Shaolin Digital (Rich Connor the Singing Webmaster) = BLOG: Shaolin Communications website webdesigns in action…

I’ve just created a wall chart to remind me when to post the above podcasts and when I will have time to create them. It’s a great reference, but not much of a reminder. So it seems that the WordPress DASHBOARD can remind me when I log in. I put the “ACTIVITIES” widget screen at the top of the screen when I open WordPress. It shows my ‘Upcoming Posts” and NOW, I’ve got a routine that needs a rule: I had to create a rule that whenever I open my WordPress dashboard I will at least proofread, if not complete, the next blog of that website. That is my new webmaster system upgrade!

I’m taking a new approach to BLOG-Writing. I slap stuff in and work it up and maybe add some graphics… then post it right away. This is changing with my new attitude as “Rich Connor Singing Webmaster.” I will strive to make my posts SEO optimized a bit more. I will be a little more concerned about my search engine rankings.

All the above websites are OFF-THE-INTERNET. Kind of. They are there if you know the link, but if you search for them GOOGLE will tell you they don’t exist. I have been building these websites since 1999 on my iMac Blueberry using PageMill. I miss that program. So whatever search engine rankings I earned over 20 years just evaporated I think.

THIS WEEK I will be PUBLISHING these websites. I’ve transformed them from CSS HTML sites made in Dreamweaver into WordPress websites. It’s been two years but I’m getting used to WordPress. I’m learning the LifterLMS software for our Shaolin Chi Manti ONLINE School.

Online SCHOOLS of Shaolin Digital

Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner FREE KUNG FU website
I’m also experimenting with the LifterLMS learning management system software on another website: is a FREE website with some of the videos of the paid ONLINE school being offered for free so more people can sample Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. This site is going LIVE today. I’ve asked some people to test it, so I should wait another day or two… but I want to wrap this site up and move on the REAL ONLINE SCHOOL at

Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE Kwoon
This is what I’m finishing now. The FIRST belt rank level is WHITE SASH. The videos are shot. The course has been built. I’m now writing and uploading the QUIZZES. There are 80 quizzes of 10 questions: That’s 800 questions I have to create.

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