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New Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE SCHOOL

When I was hospitalized at the Martin Luther King Hospital in Compton, I began working on the website I’ve been dreaming of since 1994.  I drew up all the screens and links and page paths to follow to learn traditional Shaolin Kung Fu from the Chinese Buddhist Temples on Mt. Songshan and the Shandong Shaolin Temple also.  I created an awesome website based on some of the interactive learning DVDs being sold to children with games and rewards for good grades…

Finally, in 2019, after waiting and hunting for someone capable of building this website–it is me that I’ve been waiting for.  I’ve been watching hundreds of hours of videos to learn the LMS Learning Management System Software.  I’ve been watching videos on all aspects of web design and webmastering.  

This is humbling.  I’ve been building websites since 1999.  Unfortunately, I’ve never known anyone who knew more about computers or software or webdesign than I’ve been able to teach myself from books, magazines and practical experience.  Shaolin Digital was originally planned as our software gaming design company.  We’ve got several games we’d start on if possible… In the meantime, Shaolin Digital is the webdesign company and my business of ’employment’ when I, Rich Connor Singing Webmaster, work on the dozens of websites and digital artworks of my numberous enterprises.

I am striving to embrace my webmastering by developing an identity for me.  This gives me an opportunity to develop an ego for my web design.  Currently, my lack of concerted consistent effort, and my lack of desire to pursue webdesign instead of music and creative writing has motivated to create my new identity instead of having an inferior activity in my life that my other identities don’t want to take credit for.

I still want to turn this over to someone else when I start making money.  Until then, watch what I do!  When I get serious I get excited to see what I create.  So I’m getting excited.  Perhaps with enough self-gratulation I will take pride in myself as, Rich Connor Singing Webmaster.

What is this website?  FIRST this is the online school for Shaolin Chi Mantis.  All other curriculum designs are pulled from this Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan.  All our programs have the same incredible traditional Kung Fu that evolved to become what we teach.  Until we grow another arm or leg, this Shaolin Kung Fu has every more you need to learn to master and utilize your physical body. 

Shaolin Kung Fu is also known for its’ “animal styles.”  These were misunderstood, or never understood outside the Shaolin Temple so the ‘animal styles’ of martial arts that developed OUTSIDE OF the Shaolin Temple bear no semblance of the Shaolin Kung Fu they were hoping to recreate.

Within this Shaolin Chi Mantis curriculum is more Shaolin Kung Fu than founder, Richard Del Connor ‘Buddha Zhen’, has ever been able to teach anyone.  Hopefully by having this curriculum online there will be an enlarged opportunity  for a student capable of completing this demanding martial arts system.  Since 1984, not one student has been able to graduate the Shaolin Chi Mantis INTERMEDIATE LEVEL.

The STRUCTURE of this ONLINE will start with the SCM Beginner Program.  The Shaolin Chi Mantis Beginner Program has more martial arts than most Karate black belts. 

Shaolin Chi Mantis BEGINNER PROGRAM:


  • Basic Kicks
  • Basic Punches
  • Stances
  • Standing Yoga of Shaolin Chi Mantis
  • ENTIRE Yang Tai Chi Chuan Short Form
  • ENTIRE book: Tai Chi Beginner by Buddha Zhen
  • Belt Test


  • 4 of 12 Tantui  (Bruce Lee Kung Fu)
  • Learn Tai Chi Chuan QIGONG
  • Kung Fu Form:  Luohan 1  (1,500 years old)
  • 1/2 book:  Tai Chi Intermediate by Buddha Zhen
  • 1/3 book: Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner by Buddha Zhen



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