FREE Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang Tai Chi Chuan

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Checklist for New Student

  • Wear your uniform for every class. At least your Shaolin Chi Mantis workout shirt.
  • Wear tennis shoes every class. Never barefoot.
  • Wear your WHITE SASH every class. Be proud of it? Be proud of your effort to get a new WHITE SASH with ONE GREEN STRIPE on it.
  • Wear underwear and always wear socks with your shoes. Wash your shoes once a month anyway.
  • If your goal is NOT to obey the rules… you won’t get very far in this program. Learning to obey is what separates us from mammals. The more you can obey–they more you can learn. Learn how to learn.
  • Do not allow people to watch your classes. Later, you can perform for them. Keep it private and enjoy yourself. Performing for others is different than working out and practicing. Find places you can practice, even in parks, without disturbing anyone or being disturbed by other people. If someone tries to photograph or video you–TELL THEM, “No thank you. I’m a beginner. I will embarrass myself, my school and my teacher if you post anything of me. When I’m ready for you to photograph and video me I will let you know.”
  • Do not use any exercise machines while attending Shaolin Chi Mantis classes. Many of these machines cause injuries. Shaolin Chi Mantis takes full responsibility for providing you a complete workout. It will have new movements and lessons added weekly. SCM does not want to take credit for exercise machines hurting you.
  • Do not study OR PRACTICE any other martial arts during your Shaolin Chi Mantis training. Shaolin Kung Fu REQUIRES every student to perform their Kung Fu atop a wall. Karate practitioners walk “on railroad tracks” with a space between their footprints much wider than allowed in Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu must be ‘natural.’
  • A Shaolin student can only have one Master. If you enroll in Shaolin Chi Mantis your only master is your Shaolin Chi Mantis Shifu. (“Shifu” translates to “Master Father” because a Shifu is a higher rank than a school teacher or parent. Your Shifu is your father now and despite how you obeyed your actual father–you must LEARN TO OBEY your Kung Fu Father.) That’s why STAR WARS is just a movie for kids. The writer George Lucas didn’t understand what a Jedi warrior was. Maybe he will take this Shaolin Chi Mantis program and discover what a Jedi hero really is.
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