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WHITE SASH First Belt Rank Level of Shaolin Chi Mantis Created for SCM Online School

It was with relief and satisfaction that I just launched the WHITE SASH Belt Rank Program of the Shaolin Chi Mantis Beginner Level.

The videos need to be created but I decided not to start shooting the classes until after this online school was created, so I’d have somewhere to put them.  There will be over 280 video classes in the SCM Beginner Program.  I’m anxious to start shooting, but I needed to get this website built first so I can fully devote myself to filming these classes.

There is ONE free class at the beginning of the series.  After that the tuition must be paid to continue accessing the subsequent video classes.

This is a big accomplishment for me.  I started designing DVD Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes in 1992 when I began teaching professionally in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I had proven the incredible value of these classes in the mid 1980s when I taught the SCM Tai Chi Chuan form to a fellow bandmate who was a heroin junkie.  I helped him through a week of sweats and ugliness then taught him everyday the Tai Chi Chuan form.  He was also an employee of mine so I was able to provide him periodic workouts and Qigong during those first months of drug freedom.  He was cured and very happy about it.  I was impressed with the power of Tai Chi Chuan and when I moved to Salt Lake City I was hired by the Utah Governor to teach in a maximum security prison.  Once again the Tai Chi Chuan provided measurable improvements in all my inmate students.  They take monthly aptitude tests and all my students excelled in all areas.  The prison made me famous and soon I was teaching in rehabilitation centers, churches, schools, and performing at the State Fairs.

This SCM ONLINE SCHOOL is my opportunity to help more of the world improve their lives and discover the health and well-being that no other martial art can provide.  I’m happy to help more people be happy.  Wow!  This is really a big moment for me.  I’m getting kind of choked up…

Chinese signature chop of Zhen Shen-Lang, Spirit Wolf of Truth.
Dragonblood Chop of Buddha Zhen

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