We Need One More FREE VIDEO with Pilot Class?

An important rule must be mentioned before people sign up. NO SPARRING. No students of Shaolin Chi Mantis are allowed to spar with anyone inside or outside of our schools and classes.
I already mentioned in the video we shot yesterday, which will be a free video with the first free class, you can only be in one martial arts school at a time. Preferably, you choose one style for life. If you are very lucky you can find a master worth devoting yourself to for the rest of your life. Which will hopefully empower you to be a master worthy of emulation.
There are other reasons: we don’t teach fighting rules. We teach the dirtiest fighting tricks known. Fighting is about winning which is about hurting… That is why we promote communication skills. We don’t want our students beating up people–even when they deserve it.
There has never been a broken bone in any of our classes or programs since 1984. We don’t fight each other.
See! I need to make a video and explain this.

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