Buddha Zhen teaches Tai Chi Chuan

Students Need Kung Fu Uniforms

Adding them to price?

All students need:

  • black Kung Fu uniform
  • white sash
  • Shaolin Chi Mantis t-shirt

I will add sales tax to the unit prices instead of at checkout.

Same with the Tai Chi Beginner book.  Tax will be added to the unit price.  Student will only pay shipping charges at checkout, allowing choices in delivery.  This book has been at Amazon.com for ten years as a PDF, but few students and people print the book out, so its usefulness is avoided.  WRITING DOWN the answers and DISCUSSING the book in class is vital to being enlightened.

Shaolin Communications will need a printer and we’ll get some nice D-ring binders.  Print color covers.  Building the notebook ourselves we can put in dividers and color pages inserted within.  Shaolin Communications will be the exclusive publisher of this book from now on.  PDFs won’t be available.

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