Richard Del Connor is Buddha Zhen

Shaolin Interactive Reborn in WordPress by the Singing Webmaster Rich Connor

The HTML website at was designed and built in 2006.  The entire website was built with all the course pages for all 66 classes of Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang Tai Chi Chuan.  I am still happy with the design and layout I designed back them with CSS styles and tables.  The menu layouts are workable and convenient and consistent…

So now I’m going to make the entire website again.  However, now I have learned how to use WordPress to build this ONLINE SCHOOL.  So this will be the first of several online schools I will build.  This website should and could be the only website I need to teach all three of the Kung Fu systems I founded.  This Shaolin Interactive school is of the main school Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu & TaijiquanBuddha Kung Fu could use the same classes of Shaolin Interactive for the first 5 of 10 belt ranks.  I’m excited to get this online school up and running in 2019.

I’m also building the website around the Act Zen to Be Zen book by Richard Del Connor.  This website will become an acting school in the future when I am producing feature films.  For now, I will finish the website to sell the book, Act Zen to Be Zen.  When this website is completed I can finish editing that book.  It will be available in paperback, published by Shaolin Communications.

Then, I may be able to come back here and finish this online school.

Japanese chop, Richard Del Connor
Rich Connor
Shaolin Digital

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