I Am Building Shaolin Chi Mantis Online School with LifterLMS Software

Many thanks to Adam of WPcrafter.com and his 5-hour podcast on building an online school with LifterLMS.  That video gave me the confidence to pursue this.

It’s taken several days to log in the course structure and lessons.

I’m going back to work.  I’m cleaning up the “permalinks.”

I’d saved this draft.  Since then:

I finalized the course structure and started the framework for the SCM Intermediate Program and the SCM Advanced Program.

These last couple days have been very tedious.  I’ve been cleaning up my SEO on these courses.  The irony is that it may not be necessary since none of these lesson pages should be accessible from online so Google’s spider bots shouldn’t be able to access them either.  But this is part of my new character as Rich Connor the Singing Webmaster of Shaolin Digital: I will finish what I start and be proud of it.  (Pride?  A Buddhist?  You bet.  That’s how you can create standards.  You don’t want to be too acceptive: “It’s all good, man.”  It’s not all good until I say it’s all good.

Buddha Zhen Shaolin Salute
Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang “Spirit Wolf of Truth”

The Lifter LMS Software had trouble keeping up with me, or maybe it’s my internet here… But I crashed it a few times or gave up on its ‘Saving’ speed… But I’m very happy with it.  I’ve dreamed of producing these videos in 1993 and storyboarded some of the SCM Beginner Program videos.  Then when I got my daughter the Mavis Beacon? TYPING CD-ROM in 1995 I was astounded at what they were already doing in digital education and designed more ways to improve the Shaolin Chi Mantis program videos.  Some of these segues between programs and introducing the student to their classes… I haven’t improved on.  It’s a shame that my family or business opportunities were never able to finance my video productions in the 1990s.  The world may have been improved… and maybe we wouldn’t have been at war this entire century.

But don’t give up!  Shaolin Kung Fu will bring peace to the world.  I’m working on it.

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