First Semester is Ready for Videos

The first semester of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan is the WHITE SASH Beginner Level of the SCM Beginner Program. This White Sash Belt Rank Level teaches the entire SCM Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Short Form, mostly of the Master Ho style which I learned along with Wang Style Tai Chi Chuan after learning the White Lotus style.
By the end of this four-month semester, the students will learn many of the Shaolin Kung Fu basics. stances, punches, kicks, blocks and lots of balance making this a formidable semester.
In Tai Chi Youth we split this semester into two semesters so that even elementary school students can graduate.
At the completion of this semester is a Graduation Ceremony. How we will accomplish this online, I haven’t decided. The Graduation Ceremonies include a presentation of the SCM WHITE SASH + 1 GREEN STRIPE sashes and certificates. I have many fond memories of these events in my mind now.

Rich Connor
Webmaster, Shaolin Digital

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