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Book Reading Re-Shoot Went Well at Park in Burbank

Although it was Sunday and Veteran’s Day Holiday… there wasn’t anyone at the park. It was great!

Oscar Barrera was on camera and sound with his video camera aimed at me, Buddha Zhen.  I sat with some ivy behind me and I’m told we got a good shoot.

As we shoot these videos I’m striving to provide as much information as possible for students to know what they are purchasing and becoming a part of.  Even in this online format I strive to create a sense of teamwork, cooperation, interaction, and communication.  In our Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan classes students do all the bookwork reading aloud to each other.  Students also offer the first instructive criticisms at the end of each month of each other.  These communication exercises have changed many lives for the better.

The Burbank Park was surprisingly quiet on this holiday Sunday.

The old video camera we are shooting on can only process 15-minute sections.  To avoid a break in my reading or talking we paused at each 15-minute mark before the camera could interrupt our shooting.  We shot three sections which we will edit together into one video about 40-minutes long.

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