299 Student Registrations Today at Shaolin Chi Mantis Online School

299 students have registered already for our Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE SCHOOL.  This is very exciting because we aren’t ready to open the doors of school yet.  

Tomorrow we will shoot the first video of SECTION 2 of the WHITE SASH Belt Rank Level of Shaolin Chi Mantis.  There were 5 videos in SECTION 1.  There are two more sections before we start shooting the TAI CHI CHUAN LESSONS.  After the first half dozen videos teaching the Tai Chi classes…. we will allow people to purchase lessons and begin.  The projected date to open our doors  for the DISCOUNTED PRE-ENROLLMENT is the first week of 2019.  These students will be our ‘test subjects’ so we request all pre-enrollments to provide us feedback using the CONTACT FORM on this website.  Your feedback will help us be completely ready for our School Grand Opening on January 4, 2020.

The actual SCHOOL GRAND OPENING will be January 4, 2020.  If we still haven’t shot all 180 videos… we’ll be far enough ahead that we will be finished before you reach the end of the Belt Rank Levels.

WHITE SASH Belt Rank Level:  Shaolin Kung Fu basics, Rock Horse, Yang Tai Chi Chuan Short Form of SCM.
WHITE SASH + 1 GREEN STRIPE:  4 of 12 Tantui, Intermediate Tai Chi Chuan, Luohan 1 Shaolin form (1,300 years old+)
WHITE SASH + 2 GREEN STRIPES:  8 of 12 Tantui, Intermediate Tai Chi Chuan, Ling Po “Masonic Kung Fu,” W+2 Kicking
WHITE SASH + 3 GREEN STRIPES: 12 of 12 Tantui, Intermediate Tai Chi Chuan, Small Circular Fist Shaolin form, W+3 Kicking

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